2024 · short film
Director · Screenwriter · Producer 
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Sweet Affliction

2024 · short film | watch | voir ici (sous-titres français) 
Director · Screenwriter · Producer

Golden Boat


2018 Short Film (13 mins)
experimental, magical realism, dystopian fiction

Inside a derelict warehouse in the middle of a salt pan, people from around the world are waiting to be taken to a mysterious place that promises a better life.
starring: Susan Glover, Aldeen Tawfeek, Sheena Gaze-Deslandes
directors: Kristin Li, Gia Zozula
producer: Jess Lee
cinematographer: Erin Weisgerber
production designer: Sunny Doyle


Writer, Editor, Producer

watch: teaser, piloteép 2
2014 webseries (2 x 13 mins)
coming of age, comedy

With her BFF Jennifer in tow, Alex moves to la Belle Province only to discover that she inherited more than she bargained for.

starring: Lucy Butler, Katherine Cullen, Denise Delorme, Pascal-Angelo Fioramore, Roxanne Arsenault.
director: Bernadette Houde
writers: Bernadette Houde, Reuben Ward, Jess Lee
cinematographer: Julien Fontaine
editors: Jess Lee, J Jaynes

Alone in Madness

2023 music video (3:30 min)
music video for “Alone in Madness” by Lesbians on Ecstasy, featuring members of @lucysdelirium

view here

starring: Stephen John Quinlan, Lucy's Delirium (Franky, Hanako Brierley & Addiepray), Lezzies on X (Fruity Frankie, Veronique Mystique, Bernie Bankrupt).
director: Jess Lee
writer & producer: Bernadette Houde
cinematographer: Hugo Gendron, Reuben Ward
costume designer: Moohk
camera assistant: Louis-Philippe Michaud
editors: Reuben Ward, Caitlin Gilbert

Shields (Live at the Phi Centre)

Director, Editor

2017 live music video (4 mins)

“Shields” by  FOXTROTT
view here
Director: Jess Lee
Cinematographer: Ariel Methot
Editor: Jess Lee

The Hurtin’ One

2016 music video (3 mins)

“The Hurtin’ One”
by Mx. Holmes
View here
Director: Jess Lee
Cinematographer: Erin Weisgerber
Assistant Director: Carol Fernandes
Glam: Danya Danger